Our Faith

Below is a collection of online resources about the Orthodox Christian Faith.  An extensive catalog of topics is available within the Articles on the Faith page, including an overview of Orthodoxy, Church history and Apostolic Tradition, worship and sacramental life, canon law, social and ethical issues, and more. The Online Chapel provides daily scripture readings, Saint and Feast Days.  Explore the links below to find out more.

Articles on the Faith (GOAA) 

Church Fathers (GOAA)

Daily Scripture Readings (GOAA) 

Daily Prayer

Discover Orthodoxy (AOA)

Fasting in the Orthodox Church (pdf)

Fasting in the Orthodox Tradition 

The Jesus Prayer  

The Lives of the Saints (GOAA)

Orthodox Christianity (OCA)

Outreach and Evangelism (GOAA)

Questions and Answers (OCA)

Writings of Metropolitan Isaiah (GOAA)