What is Youth, Young Adult and Family Ministry?

Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me?…Feed My sheep” (John 21:17). With these words our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ instructed the Apostle Peter in the way he should express his love toward Him. As Christians we too are instructed by Christ to feed His sheep by sharing with others the Good News that has been passed down to us throughout generations. It is our sacred duty to encourage one and other to pariticpate in the spiritual food, which is to say that Sacraments (Mysteries) of the Church that Christ God offers us, which heal and sanctify us and lead us in our journey toward Him.

A major area of vital importance is sharing the saving message of Jesus Christ with everyone of all ages of the Orthodox Church. When young people learn musical instruments, parents practice with them to ensure that their children learn the instrument well. Parents would not just send their children to music lessons and just hope that some how they learn, they practice with them to make sure they make good on their investment. One cannot just send their children to Sunday School and Youth Programs, one must practice the Faith together with their children.

The Orthodox Holy Family Icon:

The Great Grandmother of God St. Maria, The Grandmother of God St. Anna, The Mother of God Panagia St. Mary and Christ who is the incarnate God the Son, the Second Person of God the Holy Trinity.