YAL-NEXT is a new ministry, within the greater Ministry of Youth, Young Adult and Family in the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver, geared toward “Not quite so young” adults (after college age…and beyond…20’s, 30’s, 40’s 50’s).


YAL-NEXT incorporates four corners of Faith, which are:

Worship (Liturgia)Fellowship (Koinonia)Service (Diakonia), and Witness (Martyria). These are key components of a spiritually healthy Orthodox Christian lifestyle for all ages. Through the teaching and sharing of these important aspects through activities and through attending Church, families, which is to say children, youth, young adults and their parents are encouraged and supported to become well-rounded members of the Church community.

YAL-NEXT works to educate and edify people of the Church, encouraging them to become active sacramental participants in the life of the Body of Christ. This ministry offers them the opportunity to experience the Faith, ultimately leading them to Salvation.

Check out our very first YAL-NEXT event:

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