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Team Registration 


The Metropolis of Denver GOYA Basketball Event is committed to providing a pleasant experience for all, especially those young people participating in the basketball games.   While friendly competition plays a large role in the Event, the primary focus firmly remains Christian fellowship.  With this in mind, it is recognized that each registered GOYAn is eager to participate fully in the Event.  For these reasons, tournament rules have been implemented for 2019.

The 2019 tournament will feature two sub-divisions, each with unique playing time requirements.  The RED sub-division will offer a more competitive bracket.  In this sub-division, playing time for each player will not be monitored.  However, each player must play in each game.  The BLUE sub-division is meant to be more recreational.  In this sub-division each player must play equal playing time in quarters 1, 2 & 3, leaving the fourth quarter to the discretion of the coach. 

A more detailed explanation is found in the 2019 tournament rules document

Teams will be required to choose their sub-division at the time of registration.  Completing the team registration process serves as acknowledgement that the rules have been read and understood.

Team Registration will be open from November 9, 2018, through December 16, 2018.


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