Orthodoxy Outdoors

Throw your iPad away…for a while. You might as well leave your cell phone at home too, because you probably won’t find a signal. However, at Orthodoxy Outdoors you will find a challenge as you explore the Colorado wilderness. You’ll receive an education in a classroom of high Rocky Mountain peaks. You’re certain to discover freedom from all the pressures of every day life and communion with fellow Orthodox Christian young adults. Come join us and you’ll find refreshment of spirit and transformation of soul…you’ll find CHRIST.

Orthodxy Outdoors is a program of the Metropolis of Denver designed for young adults between the ages of 18-35.  It serves to create an edifying opportunity for fellowship and growth in the context of the great outdoors.  For more information about the trips, click the link below or contact Scott Dawson at: orthodoxyoutdoors@gmail.com

2012 Orthodoxy Outdoors Trips