2017 Camp Emmanuel

Senior Session:  June 11-17, 2017 (Ages 15-18)
Junior Session:  June 18-24, 2017 (Ages 11-14)


Each year Camp Emmanuel offers participants ages 11-18 an opportunity to retreat away from the everyday and experience life in a nurturing Orthodox Christian community.  Camp Emmanuel utilizes the Manzano Mountain Retreat facility in Torreon, New Mexico, outside of Albuquerque.

Registration, additional information and a printable flyer to include in your GOYA publications, bulletin inserts, or to post in your parish social hall will be available in the spring of 2017.  If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Stasinopoulos, Youth Director.

Camp Emmanuel Live

Parents will be able to view activities of the camp program online.  It is intended that each day, pictures and descriptions of the camp program will be posted on our Metropolis youth page.  Due to technical limitations (namely internet connection issues) the regularity of the pictures may be disrupted.  Please be patient.  

Dress Code

While camping is by its nature informal, Christian modesty should be taken into account when packing for the week.  Inappropriate clothing (i.e.: t-shirts with inappropriate logos, short-shorts, halter tops, exposed midriffs, “skimpy clothing,” etc.) is not permitted.  Dress for daily church services is casual.  Please note that evening temperatures can be cool.  Because participants will be involved in various activities, at least one pair of closed-toe shoes is required.  The Manzano Mountain Retreat has a pool and there will be time for swimming.  Girls must wear one-piece swimsuits (bikinis and tankinis are not allowed).


All campers are expected to act in ways appropriate to an Orthodox Christian setting.  While disciplinary action will be taken to resolve situations on site, the Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss campers for gross violations of camp rules.  Campers will be sent home at the expense of their parents.  Camp Emmanuel Policies may be found here.


Driving directions to Manzano Mountain Retreat can be found on their website at: http://manzanomountainretreat.com/location.html

For those flying in to Albuquerque (ABQ), transportation will be provided between the airport and the camp facility.  Please follow the guidelines below when scheduling flights and travel with parish groups when possible.  Flight itineraries should be forward to rsinos@denver.goarch.org.

Flights into the Albuquerque airport should arrive before 3pm on Sunday.  Participants arriving earlier in the day will be transported to St. George parish, which is about 5 minutes from the airport, where lunch will be provided.  Those who are arriving in the afternoon will be transported directly to the camp facility from the airport, without the stop at the church.

On the departing Saturday, flights should be scheduled after 1pm.  The planned departure from the camp facility will be 11am to allow sufficient time to get to the airport and to check in. 

In the event that flight times are made outside of these guidelines, you are responsibile for scheduling transportation and paying any fees associated with transportation between the camp facility and the airport.  Campers must be accompanied by a parent or advisor.

It is encouraged that you do not secure flights until you receive both a confirmation email and electronic receipt for the transaction.  If you do not receive both a confirmation and receipt on the day you register, please contact us.  Booking flights without registering for the event does not secure your child's place at the camp.